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Welcome to TLM!

You’re finally here! In one way or another, you’ve found this page not by chance, but by a God-ordained reason. May this reason find you as you read along these letters that are awaiting for you to open.

Devotedly, Rachel

Letters for You

Consider this your mailbox of letters from me to you. And I hope there won’t be one left unread.


Reserving this space for you to look forward to our future podcasts and to have you as our prayer partner on this as well.


Coming soon!

“If I would have any reason to write, it would be no other than for Jesus and the souls whom he died for.”

Rachelligraphy Blog

TLM is a self-supporting site started and sustained by the grace of our Lord and exists for no other reason than His glory.

You are also welcome to show your love and support through prayers and encouragement.

Thanks You Our Postmen/women!

It is by your prayer and partnership that this ministry has reached hearts worldwide, souls that my hands cannot touch, but my letters can only by God’s grace and because you cared to share them. Endless thanks!

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