Welcome to my page!

I have always been grateful for the ability to write. And for that, it would be much delightful for me to share my heart’s scribbles with you through the written pieces of my soul.

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About Rachel


Rachel here. I’m a  Pastor’s kid planted by God somewhere in the bucolic land of the Philippines, working in the field of His Kingdom. I share a great passion for music, arts and design, painting, writing, photography, teaching, and most of all, serving Jesus. My pastimes were spent frugally for learning new things from books and people, creating pieces of art, or spilling my thoughts through written words.

Here’s a glimpse of my life: Blessed by God’s mercy and grace to graduate B.S. Computer Engineering and then later realized that nothing is more worth pursuing than the will of God, right after College, I responded to God’s long-time pleading to surrender my life for His purpose. So to summarize it all, I am now in His highest service being humbly used to reach others through teaching from kids to my fellow youths.

I started this blog with hopes of encouraging the readers through the lessons that I have learned and will still be learning as I journey the life of a Christian woman,glorifying God with its results.

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Take a moment to browse what my heart had to say about some of the things I experience in life here.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.