God Deserves Your Late Night Talks

To You Who Are Losing Sleep Over Someone,

Maybe, as you choose to open this letter you wondered, “Really? Seriously? I can’t even believe that even my ‘sleep’ would be a thing!”

Give me a chance to explain.

I am choosing to write this to you who are spending hours and hours talking to someone but never, or just what is left if you ever do, to God.

This is not to nag on you but to remind you. Because we humans tend to forget sometimes when our hearts seem to operate more than our heads. And when that happens, I know, we are willing to lose everything – yes, even our sleep!

Did you know, the willingness to lose sleep for someone tells so much more?

More than your lack of discipline of course, it shows how much “interested” you are to that person.

Agree or not, it does.

Hence, the time you spend on someone can never lie: how willing you are to lose sleep just to talk to someone is one of the surest tests of your true affection (unless it is an emergency). (*Wink*)

Now the question is, who is that “someone” whom you are willing to exchange sleep for?

(I can see. You’re smiling guiltily right now.)


You don’t have the right to smile as if it’s a sweet thing unless that someone is God.

I hope it is God.

Because I believe, no one is ever more deserving of your late night talks than Him.

And for sure, He, for so long have been hoping that it was Him instead.

He must have been really jealous watching you talking to someone else instead of Him.

He must be really insulted that it was Him whom you are telling your “I love you’s” but it was someone else whom you are bidding your late good nights with.

And He must have been waiting every night, hoping, again and again, that this time you’d spend your quality time with Him at last.

If you can only hear the longings of His heart for you, you’ll surely hear words like, “This time, could it be me? Will you please choose me this time? How I wish it was me!”

Oh, what more pitiful plea than this could you hear from the very One whom you claim to love but deny to give time to?!

Tell me, how more precious is that person than your Savior that you’re willing to break His heart for him/her? That you are willing to spend your late night talks with him/her than with Jesus? That you are even more willing to neglect God just to keep him/her?

Isn’t it so unfair on the part of your Savior? That He has been willing to leave His throne, even to give up His very life just to be with you, but then all you are willing to lose is the time for Him by losing your sleep for someone else?

Tell me now that this is just a little matter.

If you think it’s not of a big deal to you to leave so little, or even no time, for Jesus, then it must also be okay with you if God would be ever too busy, having no time to listen to you and to answer your prayers.

We demand fairness to God, but are we sure we’re being fair with Him?

Let us stop demanding attention from Him if we cannot demand to our very selves a quality time with Him.

Time is God’s love language. May we choose to speak our love for Him in ways He could understand best.

May we choose to speak with Him tonight.

Because if there’d be someone who is worth losing your sleep for, it would be no other than Jesus!

Oh, what a sweet thing it is to spend late night talks with the One who truly loves you!

Lovingly Yours,

Your Evening Watch

“My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD.”

Psalm 104:34

“Mine eyes prevent the night watches, that I might meditate in thy word.”

Psalm 119:148

Published by rachelligraphy

I wanted to be a voice for Christian women who lack the courage and the freedom to speak for Jesus! For if there would be any reason for thoughts and words to be published, it is nothing else than to give glory to my God, the Author and the Giver of it.

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