Look at you.

You’ve fought wars.
You’ve lost and won.
And now you’re here – again.

I know, it’s tiring sometimes.

But hey! You’re here again. That familiar face of a warrior I’ve known for so long.

You’re still here.
And that made you strong.

Do you know why?
Because your Commander-In-Chief believed in you that much to trust you with another battle to win for Him again.

This might be the cycle of a soldier’s life: either you’ve come out from a battle or you’re just about to enter one. A soldier is always a soldier. This fight of life never ends nor pauses. This must be the life of God’s soldiers too. And I know well how it could feel like it’s too much sometimes. 

Like, it’s unending and your strength is about to run out.
Like, it’s more than what you can handle.

But believe me when I say,

“God will never place you in a battle He Himself hasn’t won.” And if He has overcome, you will because He is in you.


Life’s battles are the fire; we are the gold. 
And the fire either consumes or purifies. It is the substance’s quality that decides what it does. Hence, our hearts’ responses vary and not the fire. For these trials won’t consume us, but rather purify us, if we have the kind of heart that stays on the fire until it comes forth as gold.

So when life’s trials seem to overwhelm you, stay on the fire. Never try to extinguish it, nor make it a little weaker for your comfort. Be willing to be inconvenienced by its constant burning. God knows how much heat we need and when to quench it. God’s motives are always for our best.

Life’s battles are the chisel; we are the stones.
We display no grandeur, we portray no beauty, until the Great Sculptor precisely hammers the chisel on us with hard and heavy strokes. One wrong strike could leave us permanently marred or even ruined. But God is too wise, too perfect, to hit us wrongly. For each stroke of His molding is measured exactly – not too heavy nor too weak – just exactly as how it is needed to shape us into that masterpiece, all will stare amazed at how magnificent the Hands that mold it. 

So whenever life hits so heavy on you, be thankful, for God has chosen to work on you to be His priceless masterpiece among the many stones He could choose.

Life’s battles could be anything unwanted, unexpected, or unavoidable, for they are sent by the providential hands of God who is actively working upon us. And whenever they come, do not fear but choose to rejoice. For trials mean a chance to be changed into the likeness of the One who is working on you. 

Trials mean a chance to be changed into the likeness of the One who is working on you. 


No matter how undesirable they are, no matter how painful they are, or no matter how impossible they may look like, choose to trust. For trials mean that God is working in ways perfect, though strange they might seem to be, for us to become that man/woman He has called us to be. 

Each battle is a chance to win.

Each fire of trials is a way to be purified.

And each testing is a privilege to be changed.

Never despise them but rather embrace them – embrace your pains, welcome your storms, be grateful for your trials – because one day you will look at the mirror and the best words you can say to yourself are these:

“Look at you. You’ve gone through the fire and you came out even better. What more unimaginable things you can’t go through now?”


This will only happen when a heart was set to trust God not despite the, but in the midst of all the trials of life. And trust me for I have proven this true, these trials that make you cry today will be the very things that will make you praise God someday, only if you will choose to trust.

“But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

Job 23:10

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