If it is God’s will, it is best.

One time, I asked God to make me grow.
Then the clouds turned gray;
He sent a storm and it began to rain.

Then the other time,
I asked for blessings.
Then I started losing the things I hold dear –
until all I have is Him.

I remember an instance,
I begged Him to let me feel His love.
Then everyone started leaving,
and there was no hand to hold but His.

Since then, I became very mindful of the things I pray for. I’m afraid of whatever unwanted irony that could mean.

Because sometimes I don’t really know what I’m asking. And so I stopped praying for things I thought I wanted before. 

I started to believe that I’d rather get things for myself. Perhaps, that would be the safest – no surprises, no disappointments.

Disappointments —

It was those that led me to believe that maybe, having my way is better.

Until one day, I just found myself lost on a dead-end road I brought myself into.

It was those disappointments that made me understand,

God’s way is best when I thought mine was better.


And since then, 
I began to understand —
why roses have thorns,
why the sun has to set,
why life isn’t always sunshine,
why brokenness is beautiful,
why most of my dreams didn’t come true.

Only then did I begin to comprehend all the why’s a spoiled child could never understand.

Only in having what I do not want and wanting what I do not have was I able to see the beauty of life’s denials. 

Only in disappointments does my heart begin to learn, God’s will, whether it makes sense to us or not, is God’s best.

God’s will, whether it makes sense to us or not, is God’s best.


Now I know, blessings, real blessings, is not always in having, but in trusting
that whatever God may give or withhold, or whatever He may grant or deny, His answer is best.

When we get to the end of our stories, we can close the book with a thankful heart that the Author who holds the pen never made a mistake —
in every chapter of our lives that we tried to hide,
in every detail of ourselves that we tried change,
and in every question in our minds that we cast towards His plans.

Right now, we may never understand God’s ways and we never have to. But someday, when we allow Him to have His way, we can have that greatest privilege to prove that His will is always best for us. 

When we choose to trust God’s heart, we can be certain that He will prove Himself worthy of it. 

What God gives might not be what we want, but we can always be sure that it is always what is best. 

Trust Him, and you’ll prove Him – His way is perfect.

As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.”

Psalm 18:30

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