There will be moments in your life when God’s ways seem to make no sense.
Like, why your long-time prayers seem to be unheard.
Like, why your dreams, no matter how wonderful they are, seem to be insignificant to Him.
Like, why your evident needs seem to not matter to Him.
Like, why does God seem to take so long to answer?

We hate to receive denials, but we despise delays the most. And we all know why — denials put a period on every question we have; we take it as an answer, then we’d move on. But delays? They put a question mark on every thought we assumed we were already sure about.

Delays — they keep us hanging.

And what’s more torturesome to a longing heart than being hanged up in a conversation with Someone you’re never sure would answer you back?
You cannot wait another day. This very moment must be the time God should pay attention to you. Today must be the best day to receive His answer. Right now must be the right time for Him to grant your request. Not the next days. Not next month. And most definitely, not another year again!

You’ve waited long enough, didn’t you?
You think you did.
You’re even way passed your deadlines of “when to have” and all your ideals.

But listen. When all you see are deadlines, God sees His perfect timeline. And please understand, God’s timeline is not affected by your timetable, for He is not bound by time, nor by your expectations. God owns everything — including time. He can therefore make anything and everything happen, in His time.

May you always remember that beautiful things happen in God’s time, in God’s way. Your ideals are usually not His ideas. Because ofttimes, our ideals are limited to possibilities; God works beyond. For God is the God of impossibilities.

This is the very reason why God is never in a hurry,
and you are.
Before you ever ask, He has already answered your prayer. But He knows exactly when and how to give it. He knows when is the right time, you don’t.


Consider Sarah. Why would God choose to wait ninety years before giving her a son? Why not when she’s still young and is able to enjoy spending longer time with him?
Consider the Israelites. Why would God take them wandering in the wilderness for forty years if it could only take forty days to enter there? Why give them a reason to doubt His promises?
Consider the story of Lazarus. Why would Jesus wait until four days to come to him? Why not just declare him healed from afar than raising him up from the dead?
Consider your prayers to God. Why would God need to delay those longings in your heart? Why not just answer your prayers right away if He will give them anyway?

We all can tell, don’t we?

If only we will be willing to look at things from God’s unhurried perspective, we surely can.

You see?
God works in ways too far from our expectations.
God loves surprises, though His surprises sometimes mean disappointment to us. Good thing we have a God who does not please us but is willing to mar His own goodness in our eyes just to give the best to us. Good thing we have a Father who will not spoil us, willing to deny us the good in order to grant us the best. Good thing we have a God who is never in a hurry.

God never writes predictable stories.

And God is an Author too wise to write boring stories of happily-ever-afters. He is not just after the “endings”; He is always after the process.

When you are after getting what you prayed for, God is after getting you into what you missed to pray for — God is always after giving the best to you in ways that will not destroy you when you finally have them.

When you are after having your way on your plans in life, God is after having your life walk in ways you forgot to plan for yourself — God is after giving you not the things you’ve always wanted, but in bestowing you the blessings you never thought you needed.

When you are just after having and getting, God is after making and molding — God knows exactly the “how’s” and “when’s” of His answers. For when all you think of is your hands being filled, He also thought of your heart being fulfilled. And when all you think of is your story, God thinks both for your good and for His glory.

In all of life’s delays, trust that the will of God has a greater purpose the immediateness of your desire cannot accomplish. Like, possibilities turned into miracles. Like, troubles turned into triumph. Like, waiting turned into praising!

Let Him deny if that’s what it takes to protect you, and let Him delay if that’s what it takes to promote you.

So when delays come your way, may you never forget to let Jesus have His way in you.

*Meditations in the Book of John Chapter 11


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