It is easy to say yes without thinking. But be very careful of your yeses because one day, God will test them.

What do I mean?

You might deny,
but at some point in your life, one of the most difficult tests you will ever encounter upon obeying God is the trial of your love.

We are too brave to tell God, “I love you more than anything or anyone else,” until He tells us that terrifying demand to surrender what we never thought most dear to us.
We are too confident to have our claims that we will choose Him always until we hear Him say, “let go,” and we suddenly become confused about whether we’d obey.

It is easy to call Jesus your Lord. It is easy to tell the world you love Him, but His test will come to prove your words. He will. Because He knows well that a love untested is a love that cannot be trusted.

We are all students under our most clever Mentor, and He knows exactly what test He should give. It will come trying, searching the innermost core of our soul — our love.
Why this?
Because nothing matters more to God than our love. More than our gifts, more than our sacrifices, more than our promises, more than anything else in the world, God desires and deserves nothing less from us than our undivided love.

More than anything else in the world, God desires and deserves nothing less from us than our undivided love.


None might be honest enough to admit, or maybe sane enough to realize when under the blinding spell of it, that love has changed them.

Isn’t it true that love transforms?
Into better or into worse, it does.
Isn’t it true that when in love, the coward becomes the bravest hero, and the fearless bends his knees?
Isn’t it true that when in love, the timid become confident, and the loud becomes solemn?
Isn’t it true that when in love, the wise become gullible, and fools tend to be clever?
And who would dare admit that when in the bewitching trance of love, the child of God is willing to be one with the child of His enemy?
Would you dare confess, oh professing servant of God, that this love has enslaved you?!
That you are willing to lose the best God has for you in exchange for that fleeting love you thought was good for you?
That you are helplessly losing the power to choose your faith over your feelings?
That you are failing to have the strength to let go even when God, for a thousand times, told you to do so?
That you are more afraid to hurt the heart of the one you love than to break the heart of the One who truly loves you?

Oh, foolish hearts in love!
When will you wake up to your senses?!
When will you realize that this love you are choosing today will not choose you someday?

God will test you one day — making you choose paths you’d never dare try to enter and close doors you’d never want to leave. Only genuine love will do.
So I hope He’ll find you true. Because what’s the good of love without truth in it?
I hope that when God asks you to offer your Isaac on the altar of obedience, He will find you trusting; simply trusting. Because what’s the point of love when trust is lost?
I hope that when God tests your love, He will not find words that are empty but only genuine traces of fidelity. Because what are sweet promises for in the absence of faithfulness?
I hope that when God meddles with your love life, He will find you willing to check every corner of your heart. Because until He is the Lord of your love life, He was never your Lord at all.

God will test your love one day.
And when the test comes,
I hope you’d be true,
and wise enough,
to choose Him.

“And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.”

Mark 12:30

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