Have you ever wondered why God wouldn’t just calm the storms instead of allowing them to trouble us?

In His inerrant wisdom, two significant reasons we can find:

Storm reveals. It exposes the faith and the character of everything existing.

Together with its strong wind, storm accomplishes two things in the life of a believer: either it will carry away its faith, or it will locate it to where it truly belongs.

By its relentless rain, storm washes away all dross, and everything that covers the hidden character of us.

Storms will come, and before we realize, we’ll be left naked in the eyes of God – for our attitude in the storms of life will reveal who we are and “whose” we are.

Storms expose us.

Sometimes, God will intentionally take us to places where storms will meet us. And there we might doubt if He really knows what He is doing, or if He really always thinks for our good. There, the wind will blow mightily, tempting our hands to let go of holding unto Him. There the rain will pour out, filling our boats mercilessly until we see ourselves drowning… until we cry for help, until we seek for refuge. And those moments of our helplessness are moments of revelation – what our lips utter speaks of who we are; who we seek for refuge points where our faith is.

When storms come, may God find us praising, instead of complaining. May He find us trusting, instead of fretting. And may He find us running to, instead of away from Him.

Storms mold us.

Sometimes, in the middle of our storms God will remain silent – as if He doesn’t hear our prayers, as if He doesn’t see our tears, as if He is sleeping… until He proves us if He will still find us believing. God will sometimes choose to be silent until our souls yearn to hear His voice like we never did before. God will sometimes choose to let the storm stay longer than we thought we could handle until we learn to hand over to Him the things we insist to control. God will sometimes let us come to the point of drowning until we seek Him and realize, He is the very air we breathe.

When storms come, may God accomplish the good He intends for us and not the enemy’s wishes to destroy us. May He see us choosing to stay on Him no matter how strong the wind blows. And may He prove us faithful in all seasons of life.

When one stormy day God comes to ask you

Where is your faith,”

may He find it fixed upon Him,


unsullied by any storms

because you are settled,

He alone is your safest Refuge,

your surest Rest.

(Meditations from Luke Chapter 8 verses 22 to 25)


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