Dedicated to all the souls whom Jesus died for.

Welcome to my page!

I have always been grateful for the ability to write. And for that, it would be much delightful for me to be using these hands for touching lives and pointing people to Jesus, the One who never withhold His own hands to be pierced for me.

10 thoughts on “The Letter Ministry

  1. Hi po ate Rachel. Your blog has been a big help to my spiritual life. I remember I was on the brink of anxiety and hopelessness when I came across one of your writings. I knew you were the one who wrote those words but at that moment I felt that God used your writing to speak through me. Ever since, I started to follow you in your instagram and facebook (I couldn’t find it now πŸ˜…) constantly liking your posts. I hope one day I could be as eloquent as you are in writing. God bless you po ate.

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    1. Hello Sis. Kristyn! Thank you for the follow and most especially for all the kind words that you so generously shared here. You never know how much they encouraged me. They were just exactly on time to remind me ‘again and again’ how blessed I am to have this ministry of reaching women like you. I am so blessed to know that my blogs are being used by God much more than I ever expected. Anyway, I deactivated my old Facebook account for some privacy and disciplinary purposes that I perceive to be necessary. But I created a new account for the purpose of posting my blogs and I have confirmed your request already. All the glory and praises belong only to our God who equips us in His work! Thank you for choosing to appreciate me. You have ministered to me as well. Feel free to send me questions or messages anytime and may God bless you more my dear sister in Christ!
      – Ate Rachel V

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  2. New here. Just recently discovered your blog and I love itβ€” would recommend this to my friends. Hope someday you’ll published a book. πŸ™‚

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    1. Welcome to TLM!


      That is what I feel whenever someone believes I could publish a book. Because really, not trying to sound humble but, it’s really overwhelming to realize that there are people who can see your potential in ways you never could!

      That book β€” thanks for reminding me. You are a blessing! And may God always be glorified for all those kind words said.

      God bless your heart!


  3. Daghang salamat po for your blog! I thank the Lord for leading me to your writings when i was in my brokenness. I was lifted up and realized that God is too Good para manatiling lugmok! God bless your heart! I declare for wisdom, knowledge, strength and protection in your household! Bless God! Shalom! πŸ’•

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    1. Hello there!
      It’s been a while but I’m glad I get to read your message here. You have no idea how you too, have ministered to my heart at this moment.
      I am ever grateful for the ministry of writing that I never deserve to have. It is always my greatest pleasure to be used to reach people that my hands couldn’t, but my letters could.
      May God keep you in His will. God bless your heart!


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