Dear Parents, I Hope You’re Not Guilty Of This

“But mommy doesn’t lie,”says my clever student after I told him that Santa Claus isn’t real. I never realized the struggle between teaching truth to a kid and protecting a parent’s credibility toward their child until I have to decide whether I should compromise with the seemingly little matter of “Santa’s” existence in a child’sContinue reading “Dear Parents, I Hope You’re Not Guilty Of This”

We Can’t Be Just Friends

Just friends, really??? Who will still buy that excuse nowadays? Only fools! Fools who are afraid of the truth that their intuitions are right. Fools who are afraid to lose a love they actually never had. Because accepting that truth — that friendship is the subtlest form of infidelity — will hurt the heart likeContinue reading “We Can’t Be Just Friends”

Before You Say Yes

Please take a moment to read and let this post save you. Yes, you might have waited for this chance to come for so long and I know how tempting it is to just grab it. But before you give yourself another reason to regret, please seek discernment first. Before you take that job offer,Continue reading “Before You Say Yes”

When People Laugh At Your Faith

Years have passed, but I can still vividly remember that day when someone told me that some of my former classmates from college saw me on the streets. They’ve just came from their respective workplaces, earning, when they saw me — giving away pamphlets along with others and holding banners written, “Accept Jesus today. TomorrowContinue reading “When People Laugh At Your Faith”

True Humility 101

Did you know that even when you did something for the Lord, you could be a failure?I’m not talking about results; I’m talking about motives.There is this subtlest temptation to “feel good” and “feel so spiritual”, or even feel like “you’re somebody” because you did this and that for the Lord (if it really was).Continue reading “True Humility 101”