When People Laugh At Your Faith

Years have passed, but I can still vividly remember that day when someone told me that some of my former classmates from college saw me on the streets. They’ve just came from their respective workplaces, earning, when they saw me — giving away pamphlets along with others and holding banners written, “Accept Jesus today. Tomorrow might be too late.”

“What happened to her?
Has she gone mad?
What is she doing with her life?
She just wasted her profession!”

And I can’t blame them for thinking of me that way. For I, too, might think the same if I’d see myself on that street years before I surrender my life to Jesus.

I might see that lady wearing long skirts weird and homely;
I might look at those people who take their Bible in public, talking about their Jesus, odd and irritating;
I might think of those who spend their time and money most in church as too much.
I might judge those who give their lives to their faith as foolish.

Christians, to the world, we are the biggest loser, the most ridiculously absurd, the saddest beings on this planet, the greatest wasters of their lives. But in the eyes of the Lord, the only One whom we seek to please, we are the only beings who are truly living, others are just existing.

Never expect the world to understand you, neither appreciate you, nor approve you. Because the day that happens is the day when you know you have gained everyone but God. And what’s more miserable than having everything and losing Him?

People will doubt you.
Let them wonder. Let them scorn. Let them see the difference of a life lived for Jesus. This is the very reason why we are called to be lights — we are to stand out and shine amidst this dark and blind world.

People will question.
And when people ask me, “Why are you giving your life to this God,”
I want my answer to always be,

“God has given me so much to give Him too little.”


This very life that I live, this life itself, is a gift I have received from God. And what rational response would an unworthy heart would offer than gratitude? And what nobler way could one express gratefulness than to use that gift for the glory of its Giver?

God has given me life. Hence, my life will I give to Him.


And how can you call it too much to give this unworthy life as an offering to Someone who has given me His everything?

Surrender is the only way to suffice this desire to pay back. And if that, in same manner, is what my God would require, I would gladly give Him all, for what I have is all but what He has given me.

So when people laugh at my faith and mock me, I’ll answer them with a smile on my face, knowing, they’ve noticed the difference, and that I have the undeserved privilege to, at least, have my share of bearing the cross of my Savior — the One who was never ashamed to lose His all, even His very life, for me.

Thoughts taken from one of my favorite verses:

“What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me?”

Psalm 116:12

Published by rachelligraphy

I wanted to be a voice for Christian women who lack the courage and the freedom to speak for Jesus! For if there would be any reason for thoughts and words to be published, it is nothing else than to give glory to my God, the Author and the Giver of it.

2 thoughts on “When People Laugh At Your Faith

    1. Hello there!

      Thank you for this!
      Words of encouragement never fail to melt my heart. I do not deserve to be thanked for having my life given to GOD, HE deserves all the gratitude, I just did what an unworthy servant must do. To HIM be all the glory!

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